Working at Staykeepers

Being a part of the team is something pretty special. Staykeepers was founded on the idea that people can become their better selves. That vision persists and is the foundation of our values and our culture. Discover more about our talented team and what it’s like to work at Staykeepers on this page.

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We stay dependable, but don’t stay stationary

We evolve and innovate as a business thanks to our core values, which are so much more than just words. 

They impact everything we do for clients (see here), and the work environment you join. Click the values on the left to discover more.

Personal Growth

At Staykeepers “growing” means aligning team members’ professional goals with company goals by drawing direct correlation so that everyone has the opportunity to grow and impact themselves and the company.

One working hour a week is set aside for personal growth for videos, articles, and books that allow them to get to the next level (whatever that next level means to them).


The word persistence often has negative connotations, but at Staykeepers we’re not expecting you to do 20 hour shifts - this is all about our approach to goals and initiatives. We have ambitious goals and we hold ourselves accountable to them. 

We keep tremendous persistence in improving how we work as an organisation and be able to deliver better results.


We always look for ways to improve and build on what we have, using teams and resources to create maximum impact for our clients and us as a business. 


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” This is one of the mottos that pushed Ivo & Miro to set up the vision as it is today.

Breaking limiting beliefs is possible, and one of the fundamentals of personal and professional growth. Understanding that “it’s possible” and that we just need to figure out a way to achieve it is a critical ingredient of success here.

Team play

Keepers are inherently collaborative. We make a conscious effort to bring together people with different skills across different teams to create the best outcome.

We constantly look to provide visibility and alignment across teams and the company as a whole.

When understanding that we have a challenge we are leveraging on proven agile methodology running special projects and initiatives for alignment, efficiency and accountability. Through team collaboration we are constantly looking to improve how we work together and take that to the next level!

A fully remote team of talented individuals



AKA our amazing team members across nine departments.



Our remote team are located in 12 countries across the world.


Spoken languages

We're multi-lingual around here, with 16 spoken languages across our Keepers.

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