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Student housing

The Mansion Group: 20% - 30% higher monthly revenue

With a full portfolio of purpose-built student accommodation under operation, due to various reasons, they found themselves with empty units in 2019.

The biggest challenge was finding students once the academic year had begun. Most students move into their academic homes from September or October and stay there. At that time leveraging the short-stay market was not an option, as the buildings that had voids didn't possess the appropriate planning permission to enable non-students to stay.

Looking for a way to fill the void units, The Mansion Group contacted Staykeepers.

“Keep doing the good job guys.”
Half Column Website Image Template the mansion
Chris M.

The Mansion Group


Increased monthly revenue

Staykeepers generated 20-30% higher monthly revenue per unit for The Mansion Group, than they were able to receive in long-term student stays for 52 weeks.

In the initial conversation, The Mansion Group asked Staykeepers for revenue projections that showed the potential missing revenue with the short-term market.

After the assessment, The Mansion Group made a decision to apply for planning changes, so buildings could receive non-students. Staykeepers supported The Mansion Group by providing the necessary data on short-stay guests, such as required parking spaces, type of customers, duration of stay, etc.

After a few months, the planning permission was granted for properties in Newcastle and Durham. From that moment, Staykeepers took over the entire process of attracting and hosting short-term guests in Mansion Group’s buildings.

Preparing units for short-stay guests

Staykeepers isn’t just about the technology, with complete end-to-end solutions for clients. The short-term rental management service included:

  • Inspecting and stocking all units with the necessary inventory
  • Taking professional photos of units
  • Meeting and greeting guests
  • Performing in-person guest verification procedures
  • Revenue management.

Advertising units and attracting short-stay guests

Staykeepers used multiple online marketing platforms to source guests and market the units. Significantly increasing revenue, the results from our ground-breaking advertising technology speak for themselves. 

About The Mansion Group

The Mansion Group is a highly regarded UK manager and investor in student accommodation.

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