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Stay in the know about your company's performance without worrying about day-to-day operations, as Staykeepers collaborate directly with your teams. Plus, you have online revenue and operational dashboards so you can see how we’re doing at a glance.

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Real-time apartment availability

Bookings from all marketing channels come through to one dashboard for real-time apartment availability. Universal access ensures alignment between Staykeepers and your onsite teams.

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Centralized communications

All guest communication is stored in one dashboard alongside apartment availability.

There’s no miscommunication, with conversations between Staykeepers and guests visible to all teams.

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How to stay in the know and grow with property technology

We want to show how a tried and tested formula, backed by smart technology and human creativity, can help any landlord stay on top of their portfolio in the space of a few clicks.

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Direct collaborations

We know how important it is that onsite and property management teams are kept in the loop. That’s why we remain in direct contact with your teams, to ensure a seamless experience for guests and yourself. This includes upcoming check-ins and any maintenance issues flagged by guests.

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Real-time revenue reporting

Within your dashboard, you can view revenue and reservations at a glance. You also receive an ongoing revenue management dashboard which features a more detailed analysis on income.

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Support at your fingertips

As a Staykeepers client, you have a dedicated in-house revenue management and account management team focused on your success.

Have a question? Your account manager answers within one working day.

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