Core Package


Apartment Marketing

Booking guests on 450+ marketing channels.

Revenue Management

An in-house team for the strategy, and technology to implement and optimize prices.

Guest Vetting & Communications

Our team speaks with guests before, during and after their stay, and provides 24/7 support.

Additional Services

You increase revenue with no upfront payment

We don’t like unoccupied units and we know we can deliver. This means we don’t need to ask for any upfront payment. We get paid when we increase your revenue and fill an otherwise empty unit.

Trusted by global multifamily & student housing brands

Why Staykeepers?

How can you have certainty that income will be generated? Ensure there is no negative impact on your existing community and business? 

Click here to view the PDF ‘Why Staykeepers', which answers these questions alongside giving you a simple resource to decide if collaborating with Staykeepers is right for you.

That’s what working with you is to us - collaborating as part of a long term relationship.

why staykeepers new
We selected Staykeepers as our short-term rental provider after an exhaustive search for players in this space. They helped us with the launch of our newly built asset. Staykeepers provided us with fast and reliable service and thru their innovative technology and process, generated a significant contribution to our bottom line revenue. We would gladly recommend Staykeepers to other providers due to their fantastic service.
tom rix hines staykeepers
Tom Rix


I've seen first-hand the NOI growth Staykeepers has achieved for investors and developers by maximizing the short-term revenue model. They've figured this out so resident managers don't need the hassle and aggravation, and owners get all the benefit!
Dean Zander CBRE
Dean Zander


I joined Staykeepers as a non exec advisor in January 2021. I was aware then that a number of my student housing clients had worked with them & given positive feedback. Since then, the company has grown exponentially and I’ve been very pleased to hear tremendous feedback from numerous clients who have significantly increased their net income. They are also a great team and a pleasure to work with.
Philip Hillman JLL
Philip Hillman


Increase your revenue