Ready to increase your multifamily revenue?

Staykeepers partners with multifamily owners to increase apartment revenue by up to 80% more long term rentals. Here's how that works:

Maximize rental income with a flexible leasing strategy

At Staykeepers, we create a strategy that incorporates short-term rentals into your overall asset management plan. Our experts provide revenue projections, local market intelligence, and figures for:

  • How many apartments in each building are to be used for short-term rentals.
  • Which apartment type will be best for short-term rentals (one bedroom, studio...)

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Increase guest demand with multi-channel apartment marketing

Staykeepers market your apartments on 450+ channels simultaneously to reach new and untapped audiences. All reservation requests come straight back to a central dashboard so both Staykeepers and your front desk can always see the latest availability in real-time!
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Scale apartment revenue with dynamic pricing 

Our dynamic pricing technology updates listing prices every day so that you can get the most out of the market. These prices are not only meant to increase revenue, but also occupancy.

Staykeepers' technology predicts pricing patterns by studying weekday and weekend trends, seasonality, competitor prices within a 0.3-mile radius of your building, and more.

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Maintain safe and aligned multifamily communities

Staykeepers utilize a variety of strategies and tools to prevent antisocial behavior. Every short-term rental booking is thoroughly investigated by our guest experience team, which uses a scoring system. At a minimum, reservations must be for three days. In addition, we have access to various noise-monitoring devices and other tools upon request.

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Ongoing multifamily revenue management

At every stage, our team laser-focused on revenue growth and optimizing your strategy. You can see how well we're doing in real time with our online revenue reporting system.

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First-class guest experiences

From the moment a guest books their stay to after they've left your multifamily property, our team at Staykeepers will be in constant communication with them. We can also help manage check-ins as part of our  operational services.

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Hands-on short-term rental management

Staykeepers work with your onsite team to provide a seamless experience for both short-term guests and current tenants. You can also take advantage of our experienced operations team to handle guest check-ins and apartment cleaning.

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