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Unlock your building’s revenue potential with Staykeepers dynamic pricing technology. This AI tool automatically updates apartment prices for you to achieve the best price the market will pay for.

24/7 revenue optimization and performance

Have tech that works when you’re not. Dynamic pricing works automatically in the background to increase apartment revenue and occupancy. The tech updates all marketing channels simultaneously, following the strategy set by our in-house revenue management team.

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Intuitive pricing calculations

We can’t reveal all our secrets, but Staykeepers’ technology considers all these factors and more when making pricing decisions.


Historical and projected demand for months, weeks and days of the year are evaluated to determine which are in more demand. This information is then used to amend prices accordingly.

Local Attractions & Events

It’s no surprise that local attractions allow for premium prices. Our AI takes this into account when demand is high.

Local Competitors

Ensure you’re not overcharging or underselling, with Staykeepers analyzing competitors’ prices within a 0.3mile radius of your building.

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Maximize revenue and occupancy

Marketing channels such as Airbnb have their own pricing algorithms. These amend prices to improve occupancy, decreasing the average daily price you receive.

Whereas Staykeepers maximize both daily prices and occupancy, because of its calculations and diversification across marketing channels.

In New York, one client saw a 9.8 times increase in monthly short term rentals revenue across 3 months, due to a 249% increase in the average daily rate. This was all thanks to dynamic pricing.

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Tech that fits to your business

Stay focused on your core business, with scalable technology enhancing your entire portfolio:

  • Clusters - Scalability is at the core of Staykeepers, as our technology groups big clusters of apartments (e.g. studios, 2-beds..)
  • Cluster enhancements - Staykeepers' technology analyses both overall occupancy and gaps between bookings. The system automatically amends pricing and promotion to fill those gaps and increase occupancy.

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