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Flexible travel experiences

Every apartment managed by Staykeepers is furnished for ultimate convenience.

Whether guests are traveling for a business trip or leisure, they never compromise on quality and price with Staykeepers and our partners.

Our style

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From the moment guests make a reservation, they have 24/7 access to our guest support team via phone and email. We contact guests prior, during and after their stay to ensure they have a first-class experience in your apartment.

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There is a property for every budget and requirement. Whether guests are looking for a studio, ensuite or apartment we’ve got them covered. We work with partners in 1000+ locations across more than 15 countries.

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From the fresh linen to Wi-Fi, your apartment has all the components for a great stay for guests. Many of our partners' apartments also come with great building amenities, such as gyms and lounge areas.

Why multifamily and student housing?

Most of our properties are within multifamily and student housing developments. Staykeepers specializes in offering this type of long term housing as flexible stay properties. Here's why our guests love these spaces.
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Many sites include great amenities that guests can use during their stay. Within our partners' properties, there are gyms, rock climbing, lounge areas, work spaces and more.

self catering flexible accommodation


These complexes provide the best of both worlds. Guests have a hotel-like experience with a fully equipped kitchen, ready for them to cook their next Michelin star meal.

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Student housing and multifamily are typically located in hotspots for both tourism and business. Guests get immediate access to city centers and benefit from a variety of local transport options.

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