If we let Staykeepers promote our properties, is that Subletting?

No. Subletting is where you would rent out the multifamily property to us and we will rent it out again to our guests. What we do at Staykeepers is manage the property on your behalf.

We do not sign an AST or other type of lease or tenancy agreement with you. We sign a management agreement based on a revenue share of what has been generated. We are your representative who advertises the multifamily property, performs revenue management, sells it and manages the short term rental guests during their stay. You ultimately keep the control and overview of your asset.

We have a wide range of services available which support multifamily landlords to lease long and short term rental contracts, helping to secure rooms from your existing customer base as well as opening up your multifamily and/or student accommodation rooms to new markets and travelers.

How do you protect my asset and ensure that your guests will not cause trouble?

Since we started back in 2015, we have been through a learning curve and learned how to weed out trouble makers the hard way. Now we have systematized our methods and have a 10 step verification process through which every potential guest is passed in order to be approved to stay at one of our multifamily buildings. In addition to this, we take security deposits from all our short term guests and document the state of the property before and after the stay so we always have proof if there is need to claim money from the visitor if he has been unreasonable.

How does Staykeepers make money from short term rentals?

We don’t like void units and we know we can deliver results for our multifamily and student housing clients. This short term rental strategy means we don’t need to ask for any upfront payment. We get paid when we increase your revenue and fill what would otherwise be an empty room in your Purpose Built Student Accommodation, University accommodation, Co-living or Built To Rent / Multifamily Development.

We have our own property management software, will working with Staykeepers be difficult?

Our smart property management systems can integrate seamlessly with your property management software to ensure a smooth and transparent process, as well as remove administration tasks for your teams. Our proptech and integrations mean we can access types of customers that would otherwise be expensive to reach for individual multifamily operators. All you need to do is provide us with the available accommodation information from your Purpose Built Student Accommodation, University accommodation, Co-living, Multifamily or Build To Rent Development and we will do the rest.

How many channels will you advertise our rooms in?

We can reach over 450+ niche marketing and distribution channels through our integrations, ensuring that your accommodation is shared to the widest possible audience.

How do you bypass the 90 day rule in London?

There is no way to bypass the 90 day rule, which is issued in London. We monitor and stick to the 90 day availability. This is why our service works really well with filling void units and stabilizing multifamily assets because it allows for 90 strong days to generate revenue while the long term tenants are being sourced for the scheme.

We only build to sell, how can you be beneficial for us?

With the current state of the sales market, units can stay empty for longer periods of time, resulting in loss of revenue. We have identified that to be a dreading situation with a number of our clients. Therefore, instead of having those units empty resulting in revenue loss, we can manage them as short term home rentals until the sale is finalised. In addition to this, we can offer our short term services to the new buyer too. This will allow you to be ultimately in control of the short term let process and also continue to generate revenue on an ongoing basis, in many cases exceeding what you will generate on long term market rates.

Does Staykeepers furnish units for us?

We do not furnish units. However, we can put you in contact with third party companies we collaborate with, which can sell or lease furniture to you based on your needs but we do not provide this ourselves. Based on the size of the multifamily or student housing building, we can help with purchasing, delivering and setting up the soft furniture and kitchen goods, cutlery and crockery.

Our company only allow Students Only to live in our buildings, will Staykeepers work for us?

The current version of our model is optimized to produce best results when used with non students and students. In a scenario where only students are allowed, we cannot achieve the revenue or occupancy percentages projected and therefore the performance of the short term rental service will suffer. When it comes with planning restrictions to the developments, we can assist by connecting our clients with third party companies who can assist with obtaining planning permission for accommodation a certain percentage of non-student guests.

We only do long term contracts and you told me that your company generates additional revenue for short-lets. How can it be beneficial on both ends?

We generate revenue through means of short term rentals as well as long term rentals. Because we are geared to perform best in different types of markets, we can join in and assist where your multifamily or student housing units are experiencing voids, if you are still looking for long stay tenants or are launching a new scheme and need to stabilize the asset. All of our leads and leases are fully verified and fit the requirements of your build to rent and multifamily developments.