Why technology helps landlords find, convert and retain the best short term guests

New year, new growth? Whether a business is booming or your portfolio could use a revenue injection, one thing’s for sure: there’s never been a better time to try out short-term rentals.

Our latest report takes a look at how institutional landlords rely on Staykeepers to be in demand - using technology to be seen, be compelling and be rewarding to fantastic guests.

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As a team, we’re very excited to kick-start 2023. Readers enjoyed our December 2022 guide, which explained Staykeepers artificial intelligence-driven dynamic pricing and how it delivers double-digit growth for clients from New York to Barcelona.

But we know that price is only one part of the journey. 

Making sure that every ad is discoverable, compelling, and that good behaviors are rewarded is just as important when it comes to delivering a fantastic guest and client experience. 

To help, we’ve outlined “the three Bs” and how they help deliver short-term rental success:

  • Be seen
  • Be compelling 
  • Be rewarding

Stand out online

Making your presence known online isn’t always easy – just ask any aspiring YouTuber or podcaster.

Technology is the key here, and it’s no wonder that our ability to advertise across 450 channels at once is a huge differentiator for our clients.

But for our search engine optimisation specialists, ranking highly within those channels is just as important as being on them. That’s why we employ the latest tools and industry best practice to make sure our client ads are top of the pack. 

To do this, we analyse past performance together with live A/B testing. This means we compare two test ads for the same amount of time, doubling down on the one that works best.

ABC: Always be closing

Being seen is great, but our goal is always to turn views into clicks and successful short term rentals. Our range of marketing channels allows us to appeal to a huge range of potential guests – from students to business trips and local event attendees. 

Though the demographics vary, our data shows that some things are consistent. For some, location is most important. For others, it’s cleanliness, 24/7 service and an easy check-in and check-out process.

With that in mind, our copywriting experts work in real time to make every ad as compelling and relevant as possible.

And whenever there’s a need to update the content, our bulk-editing tool can make those changes across all channels immediately. No need to worry about remembering 450+ passwords.

Encourage repeat business

For most people in our industry, good guests make great experiences all round. That’s why our verification system scores guests, allowing us to easily identify the best guests and offer repeat business and extensions on their stay.

Put us to the test

When you combine the power of AI driven pricing with these tried and tested tactics, it’s little wonder why so many of our clients now consider short-term rentals an essential part of their portfolios.

And with onboarding taking as little as 21 days, optimising prices from the very beginning, 2023 is looking like the perfect time for many more clients to try out PropTech and the benefits it offers.

Ready to realise this new growth potential?

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