The Results Are In: These Countries Yielded the Best Gross Rent in Q3

At Staykeepers, we believe that short-term rentals are a 365-day business. Though the Summer months may provide a higher gross rent per night, our data shows that the average increase was just $2-$7. That's because our dynamic pricing technology adjusts prices daily to get the greatest market rate all year round. It considers competitors within a 0.3 mile radius of your building, seasonality, and other factors throughout the year to maximize income and occupancy.

Top three countries for gross rent in Q3


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Maintaining Consistency in Revenue and Occupancy

Short-term rental properties can be a lucrative investment, but only if you maintain consistency in revenue and occupancy. An effective strategy and implementation are key to achieving this goal. One way to ensure consistent revenue is to use dynamic pricing software to adjust your rates daily. This will help you stay competitive with other properties in your area, and maximize your income potential.

It's also important to keep your property well-maintained and appealing to potential guests. Regularly updating your listing on popular websites like Airbnb and VRBO can also help attract more guests.

Discover how Staykeepers markets and prices your apartments to achieve up to 80% more revenue than just long-term rents:

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