Allow Staykeepers to release the potential of your rental

Don’t get tangled up in compliance!

Fed up of hearing: ‘The extra income I got when I rented out my flat, paid for my holiday,’ but not being able to join the party? Annoyed every time you go away that your flat is empty and earning you no income simply because your landlord won’t allow it or local regulations forbid it?

Staykeepers welcome anyone who is keen to make the next step and earn money from his/her residence, but who feels restricted due to compliance. In our 4 years of short-let management experience our main activity is to advocate on your behalf and acquire lease amendments to your rental contract.

How does Staykeepers work?

We work directly with building owners to acquire lease amendments on rental contracts for the entire building by giving them complete peace of mind and transparency.

We comply fully with the 90-day short-let rule, and we use Staykeepers specialized software for tracking all activities in the BTR building.

At Staykeepers we believe in developing partnerships with building owners enabling us to deliver the most valuable service possible from compliant and controlled short lets. We tailor our services to meet our client’s needs, changing the face of the Private rental sector for a first class experience and untapped revenue.

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