Team Play: How our core value impacts landlords

At Staykeepers, we strongly believe in five core values that have helped shape our company's culture and guide the way we conduct business. These values provide impact and deliver results for multifamily and student housing owners/operators, and guide our interactions with guests.

Join us in exploring one of Staykeepers' core values, "Team Play," and discover how it underpins flexible stay success and enables us to work closely with clients to achieve our common goals. 

“Keepers are inherently collaborative. We make a conscious effort to bring together people with different skills across different teams to create a better outcome. And helping out for the greater good comes naturally to everyone.”


A partner for flexible stays

We describe our clients as partners, because our goal is to form mutually beneficial relationships that are inherently collaborative and rewarding.

Staykeepers infuse team play into the services you receive, right from the beginning:

  • Upfront and bespoke revenue projections - There’s power in our revenue projections, and the strategy we bring to potential partners. Usually chargeable, we offer this valuable service upfront so that we can discuss and collaborate on the right approach for your business. It allows informed strategic decisions for your buildings, and ensures viability and attainability in the projected revenue.

  • Revenue-sharing agreements - We don’t get paid until we fill an apartment, and you retain the asset. Revenue-sharing agreements mean we focus on the important things, a collaboration that delivers the results and ensures a seamless experience for yourself and guests.

  • Services catered to you - Every portfolio is different, as is the team and operational setup. Staykeepers have a variety of tech-enabled solutions to enable your existing teams, and power ours.

  • Direct collaboration - We work directly with your onsite teams to ensure alignment and smooth operations. It allows them to focus on what they do best, serving the core offering within your buildings.


A company that’s building the future

At Staykeepers, it’s crucial that we work together towards a common goal, and we believe that combining different skills and talents leads to better outcomes. This approach enables us to consistently innovate the technology you use, and improve the high-quality services you receive.

One example of this innovation is Staykeepers’ free chrome extension, which brings the power of revenue projections to your fingertips. For and other sites, you can generate projections in just two clicks. Click here to discover more.


staykeepers chrome extension NOI calculator short term rentals


Another is our AI dynamic pricing technology, ensuring you achieve the best prices the market will pay for. It updates apartment prices daily on multiple marketing channels, considering demand, competitors and more. View the tech here.

By prioritizing collaboration and bringing together diverse teams, we have been able to create better outcomes and provide our clients with a stellar experience. As technology continues to advance, we remain committed to being a partner that guides our clients through the process and keeps them an integral part of our team.

At Staykeepers, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work, and we are dedicated to working hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve their goals. With our shared commitment to collaboration, we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional service and results for years to come.

Discover the team


Team Play is not just a value for Staykeepers, but it's also an attitude that team members cultivate in their daily work. Every team member is encouraged to communicate effectively, share their ideas, and offer help when needed, all in the spirit of working towards a shared goal. The company believes that by putting the team first, individuals can achieve more, and everyone grows together.

Staykeepers' culture of collaboration and Team Play extends beyond its team members to its clients as well. The company understands that clients are essential partners in their success and that a collaborative approach to working together is critical to achieving the best outcomes. The team always takes the time to understand client's needs, and they involve them in the decision-making process, making sure they feel heard and understood.

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