Staykeepers vs Property Management : What’s the difference?

At a high level, here’s the main difference between a company like Staykeepers and a property management company:

  • Staykeepers specializes in increasing your revenue through technology and short term rental marketing, with supporting guest communication services (vetting, check in/out). These on-the-ground services only happen for reservations generated by Staykeepers.

  • Property management companies (predominantly) focus on long term lets and are here to make your life easier. Managing everything to do with residents, collecting rent, operations and maintenance of your portfolio.

In fact, Staykeepers has a number of clients that are property management companies, hiring Staykeepers to market units and facilitate short term rentals for their clients. Property management companies we work with include Homes for Students, Fresh, Abodus and Unite Students.

The nitty gritty

Here’s a quick infographic on how Staykeepers and property management companies complement each other with their services.

staykeepers vs property management

Can you hire both?

Of course! With different services offered, Staykeepers and property management companies are complementary to each other and offer a complete solution for your buildings. 

With both companies on board, you are setting yourself up for increased revenue with short term lets, as well as seamless ongoing operations for your long term residents.

Staykeepers form a strong connection with your existing teams, whether internal or external. Although we have a couple of different packages available, one thing that remains consistent is clear reporting and unit availability for all teams, as well as regular communications.

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