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While platforms such as Airbnb have revolutionized the rental industry, their limitations can pose challenges for property owners looking to maximize their bookings and income. Tough competition, guest-focused pricing algorithms and more means property owners need to be strategic and utilize multi-channel marketing.

In this article, we'll explore how you can increase property rental revenue and why relying solely on Airbnb to get rental bookings is no longer enough.

Lost revenue potential

Airbnb’s pricing algorithm optimizes for guests, not property owners. You achieve less than what is possible both on Airbnb and other platforms like or Expedia, cutting into your potential revenue.

The issue is not always lower rates, but not using higher rates at the right times. So you either earn less than you should (low price in days of high demand), or sell less than you should (high price but no demand in that period).

Staykeepers helps to unlock this lost potential by connecting listings to all major online rental marketplaces and leveraging our channel partnerships with 450+ channels. Airbnb is one of these channel partners.

The power of multi-channel marketing is that you aren’t reliant on bookings from a single platform, meaning you can optimize your prices and achieve higher revenue.

Staykeepers AI dynamic pricing automatically updates prices daily across all marketing channels. Overriding the pricing algorithm in Airbnb allows you to find quality guests at the best prices the market will pay for.

The AI technology considers various factors including seasonality, demand, events and local competitors’ prices within 0.3 miles of your building. It optimizes for revenue and occupancy, discover more here.

Compare and contrast! We put three Airbnb listings to the test - see how their daily prices stack up against what Staykeepers can do:


Annual Revenue with Airbnb

Annual Revenue with Staykeepers

California, USA



York, UK



Liverpool, UK




To request, bespoke projections, contact us.

Reduced occupancy rates

While Airbnb is undoubtedly one of the most popular vacation rental platforms, relying solely on this channel can limit your property's reach. For the last 3 months, Airbnb generated 12% of all Staykeepers’ reservations. Solely marketing on Airbnb means you're reaching only a fraction of potential renters, proving the worth of multi-channel marketing to maximize bookings and occupancy. 

By using keyword research, pricing, and optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags, Staykeepers can improve the visibility and ranking of a property listing across channels. This can lead to more bookings and higher revenue for property owners.

Next steps

There is always a limitation on how Airbnb can showcase your property, plus other factors like customer support and cleaning are not part of their service. Staykeepers understand that managing rental property can be time-consuming and stressful, especially when dealing with customer support inquiries.

That’s why we offer other services such as customer support, guest vetting, cleaning service, revenue management, and more. With our experienced team, property owners have a hassle-free approach to flexible stays (short to mid-term leases), allowing them to focus on the traditional management of their multifamily or student housing business.

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