Staykeepers rejected 4.5% of initial reservations in 2022 & here’s why

Your community is pretty special, and it should stay that way. Multifamily and student housing are often hesitant to launch flexible stays due to concerns around existing communities.

Here’s how you can maintain a safe and aligned community within your buildings whilst accommodating short term rentals:

Rigorous guest verification

In 2022, Staykeepers turned away over 4.5% of flexible stay reservations received from marketing channels. These reservations were rejected due to guests failing to meet Staykeepers’ guest verification and scoring criteria.

Once a reservation is made, our guest support team follows a strict procedure and scoring system. This ensures that only the best guests enter clients’ properties. Consider which steps you need to implement, here is a summary of our guest vetting process.

24/7 guest support

Our 24/7 guest support team handles communications from the moment a reservation is made, through to during and after the guest’s stay. Available via phone and email, the average response time is just over 2 minutes.

Having a 24/7 team ensures:

  1. Quick response time to guests, and ensures no calls are missed.
  2. Protect onsite teams from getting bogged down with flexible stay communications.
  3. Protects your reputation with a pleasing experience.

Account for specific building requirements

When onboarding new apartments, we account for any specific building requirements. This could be in the form of updating listings on marketing channels, or adding specific questions to the guest verification process.

Minimum stay durations

Staykeepers implement a 3-day minimum stay duration for all bookings, ensuring that only the best guests are entering properties.

Specific allocations of apartments

When crafting a flexible rentals strategy, Staykeepers look for how the program will be configured. For example, separating flexible stays onto a specific floor of the building.

Online availability of reports

Every Staykeepers client has access to an online dashboard featuring all reservations, apartment availability and guest communications. This ensures complete alignment between team members and property management companies.

Direct communication with onsite teams

Collaboration is key. We’re a firm believer of having direct contact with your onsite teams, so we can ensure complete alignment around guest check-ins and everything in between.

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