Shout Out To The Staykeepers Guest Support Team

As a landlord, you know the importance of having a reliable guest support team. That is why it is worth highlighting the incredible job our guest support team at Staykeeper has been doing. Our guests have received 24/7 support on phone or email with no missed calls, and an average handle time of 3 minutes! It is safe to say that we are extremely proud of our guest support team and all those in customer service. Let’s take a closer look at how this amazing work is possible.

Integrated Communications Platform

Our integrated communications platform makes it easy for our guest support team to respond quickly and professionally to any inquiries from our guests. The platform merges phone, email, and text messages into one centralized dashboard so that all messages can be managed in one place. This eliminates any confusion or missed inquiries as everything is in one place and up-to-date. It also allows multiple members of the team to access information without having to search through multiple systems or platforms. In addition, the platform allows us to assign specific tasks and roles within the team so that each person can focus on their individual strengths and expertise when dealing with certain types of requests or inquiries. 


The automation tools used by Staykeepers also make things easier for our guest support team by allowing them to set up automated responses such as welcome emails or reminders about check-in procedures. Automation helps free up time for more complex tasks like resolving any disputes between landlords and guests. It also ensures that no message goes unanswered for too long which improves response times significantly. Automated messages can be customized with images or other content which adds an extra level of personalization that helps build relationships with our guests over time. 

Personalization & Communication Style

When it comes to customer service, there is nothing more important than personalization and communication style. Our guest support team understands this well and always strives to provide personalized responses tailored specifically for each individual inquiry. They are trained on how best to communicate effectively whether it’s over phone or email so that each message sent out provides helpful answers while still being pleasant and courteous.

throughout their interactions with customers. Our guest support staff’s communication style reflects well on our company brand image while still providing informative answers quickly which sets us apart from other companies in this space. 

At Staykeepers we strive every day to provide outstanding customer service while still keeping costs low for both landlords and guests alike. Thanks to the hard work of our amazing guest support staff along with our integrated communications platform, automation tools, and excellent communication style; we have been able to meet those goals consistently over time! We are proud of all those in customer service who go above and beyond every day for their customers - thank you!

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