Short-term rental occupancy 101: Misconceptions & More

Short-term rentals represent a dynamic and rapidly growing sector within the broader hospitality industry, offering travelers an alternative to the traditional hotel experience. These rentals cover a wide spectrum, from standalone homes, cottages, and villas to private rooms within larger houses or apartments. As more and more travelers seek out personalized, home-like accommodation options, the appeal of short-term rentals continues to rise. 

However, despite this growing trend, misconceptions about short-term rentals are quite common, which can influence perceptions and decisions about this type of accommodation. This blog will shed light on some of these misconceptions, delve into their origins, and aim to set the record straight.


Survey Results on Misconceptions About Short-Term Rentals

To gain a better understanding of these misconceptions, we recently conducted a survey on LinkedIn. The question posed was, "What's your biggest misconception about short-term rentals?" Respondents could choose from the following options: 'Only for budget travelers', 'Less comfortable than hotels', 'Not family-friendly', and 'Other'.

The results were quite enlightening. The most common misconception, as reported by 50% of respondents, was that short-term rentals are 'Not family-friendly'. The option 'Only for budget travelers' came in second with 33% of the votes, followed by 'Less comfortable than hotels' with 17%. None of the respondents selected the 'Other' option.

These results suggest that there are some widely held yet inaccurate beliefs about short-term rentals. The idea that these accommodations are not suitable for families, or are somehow inferior to hotels, demonstrates a misunderstanding of the potential benefits and comfort that short-term rentals can provide.

Common Misconceptions

The belief that short-term rentals are not family-friendly could be rooted in several factors. For starters, the historical association of short-term rentals with solo or business travelers might have contributed to this perception. Moreover, some families may be accustomed to the predictability and uniformity offered by hotels, which can make them hesitant to explore alternatives. Hotels often provide a suite of family-friendly amenities, such as children's pools, play areas, and in-house restaurants, which can add to their perceived convenience.

Another possible reason for this misconception could be concerns about safety and standards. Hotels generally operate under strict regulations and have standard safety measures in place, which provide reassurance to families. On the other hand, the perceived lack of standardization in short-term rentals may cause some potential guests to doubt their suitability for families. Let’s discuss this topic further.


Debunking Misconceptions and Staykeepers' Approach

The notion that short-term rentals are not suitable for families is far from the truth. In fact, these rentals often offer more space and flexibility than traditional hotels. Many short-term rentals come equipped with full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and living areas, offering a home-like environment that can be particularly beneficial for families. Furthermore, hosts of short-term rentals often strive to cater to families by providing amenities like cribs, high chairs, toys, and even local recommendations for family activities.

At Staykeepers, we are committed to fostering good communities and partnering only with reputable companies. Our strict guest verification process underlines our commitment to maintaining a respectful and community-focused environment within our properties. We understand that families need to feel secure and comfortable, which is why we put a premium on community and quality.

Staykeepers is designed to uphold high standards and consistently meet guest expectations, covering more than just the quality of our properties. By leveraging our advanced AI Tech, we understand customer behavior and feedback, allowing us to continually refine our offerings to cater to all guests, including families. An essential aspect of our service is our meticulous guest vetting process, ensuring a safe, respectful, and family-friendly environment.

Moreover, we believe in the importance of exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns, providing support from the booking process through to check-out. By merging high-quality properties, superior customer service, and cutting-edge technology, we aim to debunk misconceptions surrounding short-term rentals and emphasize their benefits. With these efforts, we affirm our commitment to providing not just a place to stay, but a memorable experience for our guests.

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Misconceptions about short-term rentals can often deter potential guests. However, the reality is that short-term rentals can offer a unique, personalized, and often more convenient accommodation option for all kinds of travelers, including families. By addressing and debunking these misconceptions, we can help more people understand the true benefits of short-term rentals and potentially cater to an even broader audience.

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