Managing a short-let

Short let managing process requirements

Managing a short let can be quite a process. There are dozens of activities to complete before the guest comes and after he/she leaves.

Having accommodated over 28,000 guests in our four years of opening, let us take a closer look at the steps required to run a successful short let property.

1. Create an appealing profile

In order to take part in the Sharing Economy model, you must first create a profile in one of the many short-let web platforms to market your property.

2. Style and photograph your space.

To make your home appealing the listing has to look as attractive as possible. Many homes will require a de-clutter and possibly even some interior styling. Don't have interior design skills? Then you might want to use short-let management services. Finally, after everything is in place you need to take a good selection of pictures.

3. Write your listing

The way you describe your property will determine how much interest it receives. Make sure that the description and amenities are matching the reality and add everything and anything that could be relevant for the guest, including transport links, parking and local recommendations.

4. Optimize the price

Now it's time to set the price for the lease. Do your research and look at the prices of apartments in your area. Notice that weekend rates are usually higher compared to the weekdays. Prices can also change depending on the season. Make constant changes on your rental price until you find the optimal rate.

5. Guest communication

As soon as you receive a guest request, be ready to respond quickly as many travelers inquire about several homes at once. At this point you can also check the profile reviews. If you feel uncomfortable with the guest you can decline or you can call or even meet them to find out more. Self check-ins are also a time to make sure you’re comfortable with the guest, but by this stage it may be too late to decline. This step isn't so simple to pass on.

6. Home prep, pre-stay

Check that everything is set for the stay including cleaning, fresh linen etc. and make sure your home is safe. Do what you can to make your guests feel at home, including perhaps leaving out some snacks for their arrival or putting out some toys if you are expecting children.

7. Home clean, post-stay

You will need to arrange how to return the keys. After which your place will need to be cleaned and ready for the next guest.

Managing a short-let is time consuming and requires a certain level of commitment and skill.

Staykeepers provides a software solution to both BTR operators and residents to short-let either occupied or vacant units and support them in each of the steps to bring complete peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

By using Staykeepers services, you receive access to a client dashboard and the ability to monitor real-time financial information on your smartphone, laptop, desktop or another device.  And of course, you have our promise that all this is in complete compliance with your local regulations.

Contact us for a hassle-free experience while renting out your property short-term.

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