Nurturing Perseverance: Empowering Success and Growth

At Staykeepers, our five core values form the cornerstone of our company culture, directing the way we conduct business and shaping our identity. These values enable us to deliver impact and results for multifamily and student housing owners/operators, while also guiding our interactions with guests and fostering strong relationships. In this blog post, we will focus on one of these core values, "Persistence," and explore how its importance has shaped our success in the flexible stay industry, while actively involving our clients in the process. 

"We have ambitious goals and we hold ourselves accountable to them. Persistence plays an important role in how we go about it. We have tremendous persistence in improving how we work as an organization and to deliver better results." By fostering a culture of persistence, we continually push ourselves to excel, overcome challenges, and embrace innovation, which ultimately benefits our clients and drives the growth of the entire organization.


Persistent Learning

Leveraging AI for Growth: Our clients and partners reap the rewards of our team's unyielding dedication to enhancing our organizational processes. This unwavering commitment to improvement enables us to deliver superior results and devise innovative solutions that cater to our clients' specific needs. By cultivating a culture of persistence, we guarantee that our clients experience top-tier services tailored to their individual requirements, all while harnessing the power of dynamic pricing and AI technology to drive rent growth and maximize revenue.

Tackling Challenges Head-On : Our commitment to persistence means that we never shy away from challenges. Instead, we approach them head-on, working diligently to overcome obstacles and find innovative solutions that benefit both Staykeepers and our clients. This tenacity allows us to maintain our competitive edge in the flexible stay industry and provide our clients with the exceptional service they have come to expect. We’ve taken common challenges with flexible stays, and crafted tech-enabled solutions to solve them.

Learning from Experience : We understand that persistence goes hand in hand with learning from experience. Our team members continuously analyze and learn from past projects, using this knowledge to inform future decisions and strategies. This growth mindset enables us to adapt to the ever-evolving flexible stay landscape and provide our clients with the best possible solutions. It also drives innovation such as our free Chrome extension, which generates revenue projections in just two clicks.


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Persistence is not just a value for Staykeepers, but it's also an attitude that team members cultivate in their daily work. Every team member is encouraged to be persistent in the pursuit of their goals, overcoming obstacles and refining their skills along the way. The company believes that by fostering a culture of persistence, individuals can achieve more, and everyone grows together.

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