Multifamily Marketing Ideas That Will Help Attract and Retain Guests

As a multifamily operator, it is important to always be looking for new and innovative ways to promote your assets and stay ahead of the competition in the multifamily market space. This will help you attract new guests and turn the ones you have into a community of raving fans! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best marketing ideas that are sure to help you achieve your marketing goals in 2022.

Understand your local market

One great way to market your multifamily property is by creating a detailed description of your local market. This will give potential guests a place to learn more about your property, as well as the surrounding areas and what that has to offer. Be sure to include plenty of photos and information about your amenities and services. You should also make it easy for guests to book their stay online.

Be sure to include any relevant events that are happening near your properties - events, meet-ups, concerts and any other social gatherings can help attract guests who are looking to keep up with local social events.

Diversification is Key

Another great idea for multifamily marketing is to diversify the channels your assets are on. Let's face it the multifamily market space is crowded as it is - one way to stay ahead of everyone is to hunt for opportunities which bring exposure for your properties and "widen the net" for tenants who are looking for something more flexible than the standard 6-12months contract. Including in flexible stays in 2022 is a guaranteed way to get additional pair of eyes on your properties and attract a new segment of clientele.

Staykeepers is a technology company which helps with such service - you can get us involved with your existing team so we do part of the work, or if you want, you can delegate all of the work when it comes to flexible and short-term stays.

By using these multifamily marketing ideas, you are sure to attract new guests and keep the ones you have coming back for more! Which of these ideas will you be implementing at your property?

Digital Marketing for the Digital Age

Finally, we have digital marketing. In an ever-increasing digital age, staying on top of new tech is crucial if you want to maintain relevancy in the multifamily market space. From social media marketing to clever AI tools and revenue management techniques, this is the "signal" that multifamily professionals should be paying attention to, as that will no doubt impact their bottom lines.

By using a combination of these marketing ideas, you will be sure to attract new guests and keep the ones you have coming back for more!

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