Misconceptions about the BTR Offering


“You were faced with a rent that you really struggled to pay. And sometimes the service that the landlord provided just wasn't good enough. And I think that reputation fairly or unfairly has tarnished the built rent sector as well.

It's a shame because, in my view, the built-to-rent sector is the answer to those historic problems to those reputational issues, because we've now got large institutional landlords moving into the sector that really cares about their reputation, and they know that to manage, to maintain their good reputation they've gotta provide good quality homes and good quality service. 

Do you believe that short-term letting can have a role in affordable housing? If so, how?

I think increasingly people are beginning to get the role of short stay in the built-to-rent sector in the purpose-built student accommodation sector. And the real challenge is whether or not it can have a role in the affordable sector as well, because, in affordable housing, there just isn't enough of it.”

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