Meet the team: Reuben

Reuben is dedicated to advising landlords on the implementation of short-term rental (STR) strategies, ensuring these approaches align with their portfolio needs and asset goals. He leverages his personal experience in short term rentals and the data-driven expertise of the STK team to provide accurate and insightful guidance for clients.

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The Great Outdoors
"I have an itch for mountains. When you can't find me in NYC on my bicycle you can find me caught in nature hiking to peak tops. My last trek was 10 days into the Sierra Nevada."

Staykeepers' Impact on Real Estate and Property Management
"STRs are here to stay and with Staykeepers rinse and repeat method in 10 countries it's only going to get bigger!"

Being a Keeper
"The work life balance at Staykeepers makes it accessible to stay focused on the larger mission but also on my personal goals. It's great to have a team that's all focused on that!"



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