Meet the team: Martin

Sales Manager at Staykeepers, Martin establishes and develops our relationships with institutional landlords alongside our business development team.

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Fostering Collaborative Partnerships
At Staykeepers, we focus on building collaborative partnerships within the multifamily, student housing and single family rental space. Martin ensures the team are establishing relationships which will be lucrative and attainable for the landlord, working in close collaboration with our Revenue Management and Property Onboarding teams.


Family Time & Outdoor Escapes
"For me, it comes back to spending time with family. Outdoor activities are my favorite for this, especially as I work from home. Getting away from screens I think is something we all relate to."

Being a Keeper
"We never stop improving and innovating the services and technology that we're delivering. Our teams are solution and action focused, with no stone left unturned. It's great to be part of a company that's agile and collaborative in its approach."



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