How Staykeepers Technology is Weeding Out Bad Actors and Preventing Anti-Social Behavior

There are many benefits of using Staykeepers technology for flexible and short-term bookings. One of the main concerns that potential clients have is keeping their existing community safe. There is still a stigma associated with Airbnb with some institutional landlords in that when they hear it they immediately associate parties and anti-social behavior.

While some of this is warranted both AirBnB and Staykeepers have done a lot of work around this to ensure that there is peace of mind for both existing tenants and landlords alike.

Proactively preventing bad actors

We pride ourselves on our ability to leverage our multi-year experience and deep understanding of the multifamily market with robust technology that ensures results. We spent a considerable amount of time working closely with institutional landlords to develop a world-class proptech solution that delivers on our promises.

A hallmark of our short let rental management software is the security aspect. When it comes to safety there are no places for shortcuts. Our proprietary algorithm has been developed through the years with feedback from the front lines of various clients - both in the multifamily, student housing, and co-living industry.

How does it work

We've built the solution to proactively look for signals, like:

  • The history of positive reviews - you can easily spot whether someone is well-intentioned by their previous behavior and feedback left by other hosts. This goes beyond just Airbnb, so we look for cross-platform insights in order to be sure that the guest coming is planning on staying for the right reasons
  • How long the user has been on the platform for - a mature account with a picture would provide confidence when going through the vetting process
  • The duration of the stay - normally anti-social behavior is associated with shorter (and cheaper) stays so this is heavily weighted before making a decision. This is not to suggest that all shorter stays should draw attention, just that it is another thing to consider.
  • The distance to the listing
  • The number of guests coming in - ideally you want to have the names of all the guests staying over, so there are no surprises.
  • Birthday dates and how close those are to the trip - most likely if a trip coincides with the birthday of some of the guests, it is a sign to pay extra attention to the motives of guests.
  • Weekday or weekend booking - from experience most anti-social behavior happens around weekends since this is normally when people go out for drinks, this is an extra precaution we take into account when evaluating whether a trip is valid.

This coupled with highly skilled customer service agents helps us to proactively spot any anti-social behavior in apartments. We have been employing these best practices to weed out bad actors and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

The process may seem tedious but it ensures that we have top-of-the-line measures in place when it comes to security.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy flexible stays and Airbnb booking system, look no further than Staykeepers! We are more than happy to answer any other questions you have and see how our world-class solution can help you increase your Net Operating Income.


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