How landlords stay in the know and grow with Staykeepers

What if you could unlock short-term revenue growth and monitor it all on one screen on a single dashboard? All customer communications, reservations, and revenues at a glance.

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For an increasing number of institutional landlords, this is the new normal, and it’s delivering record-breaking growth even in spite of the global challenges facing markets worldwide.

To help those who’ve decided it’s time to test this growth potential for themselves, our latest report breaks down the reasoning behind each data point and why it helps to drive growth.

The same hymn sheet

Advertising across 450 channels at once is the first headline feature our clients love, especially when they use this to find, retain and reward the best guests while minimising empty units.

But they’d probably love us a lot less if it also meant 450 pages and passwords to manage. Controlling these centrally, and easily, is the number one priority.

That’s why our dashboard offers complete visibility of all live ads as well as any customer communications. Even as guest interactions are being managed by Staykeepers, our clients can review the conversation at any time.

A maintenance request, a new customer, or a happy handover at the end of a stay, everything is documented in real-time and accessible in a few clicks.

Another benefit of this transparency is team collaboration. In some cases, our clients prefer to have their property teams manage operations on the ground, especially if they already have resources in place.

Working from the same dashboard means that both teams, Staykeepers, and the onsite team, can read and react to the same updates as they come in.

Monitor performance

In our report, we outline some of the revenue growth that short-term rentals are delivering to our customers, all the way to 9.8x as much for landlords in the US on average.

It’s natural that property managers, especially those testing this new model for the first time, want to see this performance in real-time.

To support this, the Staykeepers dashboard displays revenue streams alongside reservations all on one screen. This is especially useful for landlords who mix short-term with long-term, scaling up and down at particular periods in the year.

For more in-depth analysis, there’s also an option to analyse revenue management and total income in more detail. Supported by AI-enabled dynamic pricing this is a serious combination.

One team

Technology is fantastic, no doubt about it, but we’re firmly in the people business first. Our account management team have a wealth of industry experience and their bread and butter is bringing together our various SEO, pricing, and copywriting expertise into one, easy-to-use service.

And they’re the first point of contact for landlords to stay in the know when it comes to their operations.

That’s why a growing number of clients are able to minimise overheads and maximise the returns offered by short-term rentals. And with onboarding taking as little as 21 days, there’s never been a better time to test the market.

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