How dynamic pricing is driving growth in property

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before – this year was a year like no other, tough times ahead and it’s time to get creative. But the truth is you already know that.

So, instead of forecasting doom and gloom, our latest report takes a closer look at Staykeepers dynamic pricing, how it works, and most importantly how it delivers growth for our clients.

Download: The Power of AI: How dynamic pricing is creating growth in the property industry

It’s a fascinating time to be in the property technology space. Although we’re proudly PropTech, it’s the Tech that really helps us stand out and deliver the double-digit returns for our partners.

One landlord in New York saw apartment revenue multiply by more than nine times across three months with Staykeepers' dynamic pricing continuously optimized daily prices. For another in Spain, revenue increased by 93% when compared to their long-term rental yield.

The magic here isn’t just the growth, it’s how little human effort is required to create it. The technology does the work, you collect the revenue. And this report will show you how.

Light-touch, high value

If you’re familiar with Staykeepers, you might have heard that we advertise across 450 channels at once. A huge market without a doubt, but what’s less well-known is how that data informs our dynamic pricing technology.

Being seen is only part of the service. The magic, in our eyes, is when our artificial intelligence can calculate exactly what price to set to maximise occupancy and minimise booking gaps.

We break this down in more detail in the free report, but the three factors that inform our daily pricing updates are:

  • Seasonality
  •  Events
  • Competitors

Crucially, as well as calculating these factors, our technology also analyses the gaps between bookings and finds a balance between the two.

Dynamic Pricing in Action

For some clients, short-term is a core part of their strategy. For others, it’s a revenue-generating stopgap while they secure long-term tenants for a new academic year.

Far from being against our own objectives, we encourage our clients to retain their long-term tenants.

However, in the case of Aparto Students, a part of Hines real estate investments, their newly built student development was ready to go before they had secured long-term tenants. They turned to Staykeepers to help them generate short-term revenue in the meantime.

Our team mobilised in just one week – marketing 56 studio apartments for the month of August, achieving an average yield of €939 per studio.

This was a nice boost for Aparto Students with minimum effort while they procured long-term tenants for the year.

Try us Today

21 > 450 > 24/7 + daily updates. It’s our dynamic pricing formula for growth success.

Our typical onboarding process takes up to 21 days, and from the moment we start we’re optimising pricing to reduce the risk of gaps. We market across 450 channels to have the best chance of maximising visibility and occupancy.

And our property management team are on hand, 24/7, to securely vet your guests, protect your property and deliver a market-leading short-term stay experience.

Ready to test dynamic pricing for yourself?

Read more in our report The Power of AI: How dynamic pricing is creating growth in the property industry.

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