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    Savills has predicted that with the approaching end of the “Help to Buy” scheme in early 2023, it will leave so many people who want to put a down payment on their first home, would be unable to do so due to the high initial barrier.

    On top of that, you have ongoing supply shortages that have been a known issue for many years now. David Montague points out that despite the scheme ending, people would still need to live somewhere. It will continue to be harder for most people to buy a home and most people will opt-in for the only other choice which is renting.

    Build to Rent providers are going to be competing for the same land and as the investor frenzy continues and more and more capital is poured into the sector, one thing that would make a great BTR operator stand out from a good one is how are they able to differentiate themselves from all the competitors and provide a service to all the people seeking an accommodation.

    One way for Build to Rent providers to differentiate themselves from other providers is through short-term rentals. It has been a proven way to sustainably increase revenue in order to offset rising operational costs and build a more dynamic and inclusive community.

    If you can find out how to stand out from the competition through short-term rentals, here are some case studies we did with leading BTR operators 


    “People still wanna live somewhere. They still wanna leave their parents or make a family or whatever. And so people need somewhere to live. It's gonna be harder still for people to buy. There just isn't enough affordable housing. And so the only choice that so many people have in the private rented sector is the built-to-rent sector.

    And so it is inevitable as demand grows another ten years don't go at the same pace that built to rent is the place where more and more people are gonna make their home. 

    And are there any issues or trends do you think that providers will face over the coming year?

    I guess the, the big issues that providers are gonna face is that everybody sees this trend right now. And so. As each day passes, there are more and more investors coming into the market and so the big challenge for everybody is finding the sights and finding a way to differentiate themselves from the other their competitors.”

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