Staykeepers can help increase resident retention levels.

Providing your long-term residents.

By adding this unique service to your building’s amenities you will automatically stand out among all the other PRS players. This will help you to stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to letting your property in this highly competitive market.

Providing your long-term residents with the right to earn money when they aren't home will bring them incremental income and turn them into happy customers. A happy customer means a loyal customer. And a loyal customer always considers keeping the relationship with their landlord long-term.

At Staykeepers we believe in developing partnerships enabling us to deliver the most valuable service possible from short-lets. We tailor our services to meet that of our clients’ needs, to ensure a first class experience and untapped revenue.

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Why a tenant will decide to terminate a lease?

There are many reasons why a tenant will decide to terminate a lease contract, however if the resident is generating income through Staykeepers we believe this process can be partially controlled.

Let's take a closer look at the most common reasons why tenants terminate their contracts.

Reasons for residents to end tenancy

  • Changing of the residents' income or their wish to start saving
  • Relocation to different area
  • A long vacation of a month or more
  • Merely finding a cheaper place to live

Most of the reasons to terminate a lease are related to extra expenses. If we give tenants the right to earn passive income by utilizing short-term rentals, can we change the picture?

By allowing long-term residents to use their property as guest accommodation when they’re away will provide them - and the BTR operators – with incremental revenue.

Staykeepers is the only company in the UK providing compliant and safe short-let management for BTR operators, offering them both peace of mind and an extra, hassle-free income.