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How Staykeepers can ensure occupancy in your building?

Еnsure occupancy in your building

Whether you outsource or do it yourself, we understand that filling vacant units and avoiding the void time in your building is the number one priority. Residents are increasingly demanding; and have got used to extras such as a 24hr concierge, gym or even a swimming pool. Staykeepers can help you offer a new highly attractive bonus: extra income.
Allow your residents access to the shared economy model by offering them the opportunity to earn money when they’re away, and we guarantee that available units will fill up very quickly.

Staykeepers is a platform built specifically for building owners, opening up the opportunity to earn extra money from short-term lets for both the owner and the resident. We pride ourselves on minimizing void periods in your building and increasing the yield of your asset starting from 1.5%.

Through our innovative software we provide both BTR operators and their residents real-time financial information in the form of an activity log with contacts and safety verification of the process.

But most important, Staykeepers makes sure that all short-let revenue complies with local and national regulations. It is our promise to supply all parties at all times with peace of mind, transparency, and a hassle-free experience.

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