Airbnb Guest Verification, Is It Enough?

Ensuring the security of properties and maintaining a strong community of respectful and responsible guests is a common concern for landlords and Airbnb hosts. In 2022, we rejected 4.5% of all our reservations across marketing channels (Airbnb,, Expedia etc), due to guests failing Staykeepers’ verification process.

But how many reservations are rejected from Airbnb? And how can you have peace of mind, knowing that only the best guests will be allowed to stay in your building?


Rejected Airbnb Reservation Stats 

In total for last year, Staykeepers rejected 1.6% of all Airbnb reservations received for failing our guest verification process.

To compare, Staykeepers rejected 5.9% of all reservations. However, provided 5.6x more reservations than Airbnb, highlighting the importance of combining multi-channel marketing AND a strong verification process.


How to verify Airbnb Guests

So how do Staykeepers verify their guests? This procedure includes phone call verification, identification check, profile check, telephone number records, check of previous reservations, and guest scoring.

The phone call allows Staykeepers to confirm reservation details and build rapport with the guest, while identification documents and profile checks help to confirm the guest's identity and legal age. Staykeepers also check guests' previous reservation history and assign a guest score to identify potential problem guests.

Staykeepers reserve the right to cancel a reservation if the guest does not pass (based on the score), is not responsive, refuses to verify, fails to meet the identification check requirements or if any red flags are identified during the verification process. 

In addition, Staykeepers' team can ask bespoke questions during the guest verification process to give landlords further peace of mind. By conducting these checks, Staykeepers can help landlords ensure a smooth rental experience and maintain a positive relationship with their community.

With our rigorous guest verification process and commitment to maintaining high standards, you can rest assured that only the best guests will be staying in your properties. So why wait? Reach out to Staykeepers today and start enjoying the revenue growth of flexible stays.


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