5 Questions You Should Always Ask Proptech Companies Before Partnering

Selecting and implementing any proptech (property technology) should be considered carefully, particularly when it impacts revenue. If you want to launch flexible stays and are looking to minimize costs and manual labor by leveraging technology, here are some key questions you should ask - with Staykeepers answers!

How do you track performance and revenue?

Always at the forefront of minds, performance and revenue are vital for a successful property technology software. Ask for a tour of the technology as you can see below for Staykeepers or a walkthrough with the team.



What is our business as usual (ongoing process) together?

With flexible stays, there is the common misconception that it’s a lot of hassle to implement. By leveraging on a partner this shouldn’t be the case.

An effective ongoing partnership should include communication with your existing teams, including those on-site, and set procedures for all the eventualities.

You can view an example from Staykeepers here, detailing the process our client's experience.

What does the guest journey look like?

Guest experience is another key factor, particularly if the partner provides both technology and implementation support. See if the company can provide a short presentation or document like this detailing the guest journey from initial reservation through to check-out.

How do you cater to our specific sector?

There is a lot of technology out there, but not all are catered for specific sectors. Staykeepers is a flexible and resourceful asset for institutional landlords (multifamily and student housing), created with a profound understanding of the unique challenges for them and their management companies.

For over five years, we have served institutional landlords and continue to evolve our technology to cater to the unique needs of these clients.

Do you have any extra fees?

We have heard all too often of pesky hidden fees or additional charges from other companies. Make sure to have clarity on any charges. Staykeepers have no hidden charges, with us simply taking 5-20% of the revenue depending on the service you choose.

So, Why Staykeepers?

Upon a quick online search, you might think that there are a few companies that offer the same services as Staykeepers. You might even be in conversation with a couple.

That’s what our PDF ‘Why Staykeepers?’ is here for, so you can benchmark and compare us to other companies.

If you would like to discuss partnering with Staykeepers, click here to get in touch.

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