5 Examples of Successful Short Term Rentals in Student Housing Apartments

Many people are turning to student housing apartments for a place to stay, offering the flexibility they need with all the amenities of a long-term rental. They are willing to pay premium prices for flexible stays, with demographics being both students and the general public.

Student housing has a unique opportunity to utilize a portion of their apartments for short-term rentals to increase net operating income with higher daily rents.

Here are 5 examples of successful short-term rentals in student housing apartments:

107% more revenue than long-term rents.

We have partnered with Livensa Living , one of the Spain's largest property management and lettings companies, to utilize short and mid-term leases, strategically increasing revenue whilst their assets' teams secured long-term residents which has now been extended to four locations which are Malaga, Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Valencia.

Unite Students: 4x increased revenue.

Staykeepers has been an instrumental partner in Unite Students achieving not just their occupancy targets but also driving net operating income. We helped increase Unite students income by dynamically pricing apartments and utilizing a multi-channel marketing approach. Now we are in partnership with Unite Student managing 12 locations with basic and premium ensuites, 638 apartments and achieving the most revenue possible from each of our properties.


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Increase revenue during building launch

The success of this short-term rental strategy for Hines demonstrates the potential for Staykeepers to fill vacant apartments and support landlords during transitional periods. Our experience and ability to provide reliable service allowed Hines to fill the vacant units quickly and increase their net operating income.

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90%+ occupancy achieved

Not only have we increased revenue for our client Londonist, but also achieved a 90%+ occupancy rate. Our dedicated travel and hospitality consulting team works with you to re-position your properties so that they are better aligned with short-term rental demand, in turn maximizing overall profitability.

150 units in just 2 months.

Mace increased 58% in revenue due to the introduction of short-term rentals compared to long-term leases. We are well-positioned to offer you a unique, cost-effective solution that will help generate more revenue out of your vacant units.

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Student housing apartments offered as short-term rentals can be very profitable. At Staykeepers, we have the expertise necessary to increase apartment revenue by 80% more than long-term rents.

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