3 Tips for Increasing Short-Term Rental Occupancy Rates

The short-term rental market can be highly competitive, with property owners constantly seeking ways to maximize their revenue and occupancy, by attracting quality guests. In this blog, we'll share three tips that can help you achieve these goals, including how partnering with a proptech company like ours, Staykeepers, can streamline your operations and enhance your rental business.

Tip #1 : Optimize Your Listing with Professional Photos and Engaging Descriptions
To stand out from the competition, it's essential to create an attractive and informative listing. High-quality photos and engaging descriptions can go a long way in capturing potential guests' attention. Invest time in crafting a well-written description that highlights the unique features of your property, along with local attractions and amenities. Be sure to use professional, well-lit photos that showcase your property in the best light.

At Staykeepers, we understand the importance of an appealing listing and offer a range of services, including apartment photography to ensure that your property looks its best. By leveraging our marketing expertise and services, you can create compelling listings on up to 450 channels that grab the attention of potential guests and secure bookings.

Tip #2 : Implement a Thorough Guest Verification Process to Attract Quality Guests
Maintaining a good community is crucial for short-term rental success. This is where a rigorous guest verification process comes into play. Implementing a thorough verification process helps to ensure that your guests are reliable and respectful, leading to a better overall rental experience for both you and your neighbors and subsequent reviews.

Positive reviews on apartment listings boost a listing's visibility and make it more appealing to potential guests. Positive reviews also help to establish a sense of trust between the host and their guests, as they can read other people's experiences with the accommodation and know what to expect. Positive reviews are also more likely to lead to increased bookings if potential guests already have a good idea of what they will be getting when they stay in the apartment. Lastly, positive reviews can lead to better ratings which help the listing stand out from other available apartments. All in all, positive reviews allow property owners to stand out among their competition and increase bookings.

At Staykeepers, we take guest verification seriously, using a comprehensive procedure that includes phone call verification, identification checks, profile checks, telephone number records, previous reservation checks, and guest scoring. We also tailor the process by asking bespoke questions to give landlords further peace of mind. With our meticulous verification process, you can be confident that only the best guests will stay in your properties, ensuring a smooth rental experience and positive community relationships.


Tip #3 : Utilize Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies to Reach a Wider Audience and Increase Daily Rates
Reaching a wider audience is crucial for increasing occupancy rates. Employing multi-channel marketing strategies, such as social media advertising and listing on various booking platforms, can help achieve this. Diversifying your marketing efforts allows you to target different segments of potential guests, increasing the likelihood of attracting bookings.

Moreover, our dynamic pricing technology at Staykeepers can unlock your building's revenue potential by automatically updating apartment prices to achieve the best possible rates. Our AI tool considers factors like seasonality, local attractions and events, and competitor pricing within a 0.3-mile radius to make intuitive pricing calculations, ensuring that you're not overcharging or underselling. By leveraging Staykeepers' advanced pricing technology, you can optimize your rates and maximize revenue from your short-term rental property.

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Implementing these three tips can help you increase short-term rental occupancy rates and attract quality guests. Partnering with a proptech company like Staykeepers can streamline your operations, assist in marketing, and ensure a smooth rental experience with our rigorous guest verification process. Reach out to us at Staykeepers today and start enjoying the revenue growth of flexible stays.

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