About Staykeepers

We stay dependable, but we don’t stay stationary

Ever since Miro and Ivo started Staykeepers, we have had a clear mission: “To help property owners fill unoccupied units and therefore maximise their earnings while providing accommodation and meaningful experiences to their guests.” whilst finding the key to becoming our better selves.

This applies both to our internal team and to you, as we continually innovate and improve the service you receive. Discover more in this PDF called ‘Why Staykeepers?’, which is a simple resource to decide if collaborating with Staykeepers is right for you.

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Staying true to our values

Our focus is to deliver on our promises of increased revenue through collaboration. Here’s how our operations fit into this, designed to foster a long term partnership with you.

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Personal Growth

At Staykeepers, growing means aligning your goals (revenue, preserving your community and otherwise) to our services. We draw a direct correlation between communication and innovation and:

  • Enable you to scale - With our Keepers (team) managing everything from customer service to logistics, we take the hassle out of scaling your operations.
  • Packages that change as you do - With Staykeepers you can expect ultimate flexibility as you pick and mix our services, and can adapt your package to suit your needs over time.


Persistence can be seen as a negative, but for Staykeepers it means consistently working towards your larger objectives, developing a strategy that's ideal for you. This includes:

  • Understanding that not every building will have the same requirements, and working with you to accommodate each development’s needs.
  • Never writing a site off. It’s all about finding the right market and clients for your requirements (including both short & long lets). Plus, accounting for seasonal changes such as offering short lets only in the Summer for student housing providers.


With our global team and tech, we can quickly respond to your requirements and the market’s needs. Our average time to fill the first unit is less than 3 days.

And even the best plans need to be adjustable, which is why we’re flexible with turning rooms ‘on and off’ for availability.


For us, boldness is about confidence in our services and backing that up. We don’t like unoccupied units and we know we can deliver. 

That’s why we don’t ask you for any upfront payment.

We get paid when we increase your revenue and fill an otherwise empty unit.

Team Play

We started offering proptech as Win Winn Keeper, but soon evolved into Staykeepers to provide you with an end-to-end solution. A solution where our system is the tech, but the delivery is all about the people. 

Focus on a human to human level:

  • Responsive - For both you and your clients, we know that quick responses to bookings, enquiries and questions are essential. 70% of landlord enquiries are answered within an hour and Account Managers respond within a
    working day.
  • Collaborative - The collaboration doesn’t stop with Staykeepers and yourself. We work with your teams on site, building a strong connection with those on the ground.
  • Proactive - Our team listens and focuses on solutions that are right for you. Staykeepers build a package around your requirements, supporting you and your team every step of the way.

Introducing some of our Keepers

We have over 80 international team members, but here are the Keepers you will have a closer relationship with.

Founder & CEO
Acquisitions Director
Head of Product
Acquisitions Manager UK
Acquisitions Manager Europe
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Acquisitions Manager US
Max Head
Acquisitions Manager US