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About Staykeepers

Staykeepers is an end to end operator for flexible accommodation, powered by technology.

Our flexible operating model allows for a national (and global) footprint for multifamily and student housing assets.


Institutional Partners

Trusted by CBRE, Hines and more. Our partners discuss their Staykeepers experience and showcase actual results here.


Team Members

In-house revenue management, guest communications and operational teams, here for your business.

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We have unrivalled talent in institutional real estate, technology and hospitality.

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Staykeepers is the enterprise-level solution for institutional owners

Following an initial pilot, partnerships are extended across portfolios. Here's what that might look like in your buildings.

Staykeepers building visual multifamily and student housing strategy

The proptech solution with hands-on support

Our system is the tech

Increase demand as Staykeepers market your apartments on 450+ channels simultaneously. Achieve the best price the market will pay for as our dynamic pricing updates listings daily. View performance with ease as all bookings, guest details and communications are visible on one simple dashboard.


Our delivery is in the people

Your short to mid-term leasing strategy is crafted by our in-house revenue management team. Staykeepers create Search Engine Optimised (SEO) listings and pricing strategies. In-house 24/7 guest support verifies guests and handles all communication. You can also take advantage of various hands-on operational services, such as cleaning and check-in management.

Staykeepers remote and operations team short lease management

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Our Values

Personal Growth

At Staykeepers “growing” means aligning team members’ professional goals with company goals, so everyone has the opportunity to grow while making an impact to the company.

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We have ambitious goals and we hold ourselves accountable to them. Persistence plays an important role in how we go about it. We have tremendous persistence in improving how we work as an organisation and to deliver better results.

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The decisions, tests & learnings that normally taking weeks in other organisations take days for Staykeepers. We having the ability to shift resources and teams when and where it's necessary to create a maximum impact in the selected area. 

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Breaking limiting beliefs is one of the fundamentals of personal and professional growth. Understanding that “it's possible” and the need to figure out a way to achieve it is a critical ingredient to our success.

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Team Play

Keepers are inherently collaborative. We make a conscious effort to bring together people with different skills across different teams to create a better outcome. And helping out for the greater good comes naturally to everyone.

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