Increase your revenue

Fill vacant units and increase your revenue with Staykeepers’ innovative technology and on-the-ground services. A solution where our system is the tech, but the delivery is all about the people.

Filling units in less than 3 days

Find short stay guests or long term tenants fast, with our average time to let your first unit being less than 3 days.

We work in your sector and understand the need to maintain safety, security and an aligned community within your properties. That is why all our potential guests and tenants are fully verified and fit the requirements of your units.

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property management system

We're here to help student housing, multifamily and more

How it works

A flexible and easy solution to generate revenue from short term lets. Choose hassle-free with fully managed, or pick and mix our services to complement your existing team.

Multi-channel marketing

Staykeepers market your units on multiple channels simultaneously. From AirBnb to Expedia and, increase your short stay reservations.

The price is always right

Our revenue management team and dynamic pricing tech ensures that we rent your units at the best possible price for the market, achieving 20-80% above long term rents.

Reservations all in one place

A simple dashboard which shows real-time unit availability and holds all your reservations.

Fully verified guests

After establishing your guest requirements (like students only), our team fully verifies every reservation.

5* reviews & smooth operations

Staykeepers can fully manage the guest experience and logistics, and/or work hand in hand with your existing team.

You increase revenue, without upfront payment

We don’t like unoccupied units and we know we can deliver. This means we don’t need to ask for any upfront payment. We get paid when we increase your revenue and fill an otherwise empty unit.

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free revenue income projections calculator

Revenue Projections Calculator

Find out how you can increase your net operating income to your property! Simply enter your building's details based on location, room type, and your target monthly rent. Our calculator will then estimate the revenue we can generate through means of short lets.

free guide on how to run short stay lets

Generating revenue from short stay lets

How can you ensure short term letting is a success? From listings to guest experience and operations, there are many challenges to overcome. We have poured all our insights into this free PDF guide.

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