Collect up to 80% more apartment revenue with flexible rentals

    Increase net operating income by accommodating flexible stays, with Staykeepers doing all the heavy lifting.

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    Flexible accommodation made easy


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    Hit revenue targets

    Receive a bespoke strategy for flexible rentals that helps you reach your business goals. Staykeepers provide you with local market intelligence and a plan of action for accommodating flexible stays. Access ongoing revenue management from our in-house team.

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    Be in demand

    Reach new and untapped audiences for your apartments with multi-channel marketing on 450+ travel sites.

    Meet your guests

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    Increase daily rates

    Apartment prices are updated daily to achieve the best rates the market will pay for. Staykeepers’ dynamic pricing considers seasonality, your local competitors and more.

    See the tech

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    Stay in the know

    Reservations and guest communications come through to one central dashboard. All visible to you and your onsite teams.

    How it works

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    Minimize overheads

    Staykeepers’ 24/7 guest experience team handles all guest communication including before, during and after their stay. All guests are rigorously screened to maintain your community.

    Guest journey

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    Stay focused

    Maintain focus on your core business, while Staykeepers collaborate directly with your property management teams to ensure a seamless experience for guests.

    The process

    How much revenue can you earn?


    Net Operating Income Calculator

    For any property on any site, generate projections for net operating income in under one minute.

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    On the fence?

    Have a partner that’s focused on delivering results. With no upfront payment and a revenue-sharing agreement, we get paid when we fill your apartments.