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Calculate how much you can make with Staykeepers, outperforming long term rental revenue by up to 80%.

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What would you like to achieve with short term rentals?

Staykeepers goes beyond an Airbnb management company, providing customized strategies and expert management to help you achieve your property and portfolio goals.

Smart property management, made with personality

Staykeepers’ smart technology delivers exceptional revenue, but we never underestimate the importance of the human touch. Dedicated in-house teams prioritize first-class experiences for both landlords and guests.

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Partnering with individual landlords, developers, and property managers.


Client Revenue Generated

Gross revenue generated via short term rentals for clients.

We grow together

At Staykeepers, our mission is to collaborate with property owners and deliver exceptional results. That's why we have full confidence in our partnership approach.

Through a revenue-sharing model, we align our growth with yours, ensuring mutual success as your revenue flourishes.

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Explore your property’s potential

Staykeepers in-house revenue management team provide advanced tailor-made forecasts. Make well-informed strategic decisions for your portfolio. Request yours today.